AT&T Looks To LTE Technology To Improve The In-Game Experience – Andrew Carlsson

AT&T is changing how fans watch and engage in sports, as seen on the last College Football National Championship game between Ohio State and Oregon. AT&T used the game to show their new broadcast video stream capabilities, with their new LTE networks to more efficiently use the ever crowded airwaves. AT&T provided those who were at the game with a Samsung Galaxy Note Three various additional angles from the ESPN broadcast as well as see replays that might not be showed on the main stadium video board. The ability for fans to engage in the game through their tablets and smartphones allows for more control and submersion within a given sports event. Those who were at the game had the option to follow live on their tablets as well as seeing angles that others could not see. The challenge that venues are facing, and will likely continue to face as time continues, is how to create content and second screen opportunities that can rival those that fans have at home. In the future, AT&T may look towards having a second screen content in the form of the “Spider Camera” which can be accessed by fans at the game, giving them yet another angle and reason to experience the game, and the technology, at the venue itself!


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