Super Bowl XLIX: How wearable tech is changing the NFL- Nick Herceg

Wearable technology is the next step in gaining an advantage in many sports, and the NFL is one league that has become a perfect staging point for many wearable tech companies. The NFL is a stat-driven sport, mostly coming from the heavy interest in fantasy football. This allows many companies to use football players to test their products. Many products were used this season to track player stats, as well as improve the game of football. The most frequent one that fans have seen has been the Microsoft Surface Pro tablets that NFL coaches have been seen using on the sideline during every contest. However, Microsoft is not the only company vying for the NFL’s attention. A new Reebok skullcap can determine if a player suffered a severe head injury, and Zebra Technologies has unveiled sensors that players can place in their shoulder pads to track speed and movement. One other company not commonly associated with sport is also using the NFL to test its product. During the season the Philadelphia Eagles became the first team to use Google Glass for in game use. However, the idea was ditched, but Google will find other ways to infiltrate the sports field.


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