What You Need To know About Super Bowl Traffic & Parking – Andrew Carlsson

An event such as the Super Bowl usually brings traveling nightmares for most people that make the trip, especially those who are traveling on the roads and highways near the stadium itself. However, Valley Traffic Planners have been working on having plans in place to reduce the traffic for months. There have been many preparations for the Super Bowl this year. For starters, those who wish to find parking somewhere else besides the stadium lot can visit superbowl.clickandpark.com, where one can find a great number of alternative choices as well as prices to park. This website which was created for the sole purpose to assist travelers on parking options will allow for a smoother commute. Additionally, the website can be downloaded besides just using it on a computer or tablet. Glendale has upgraded their traffic – management center, as well as installed high – tech messaging signs which inform drivers of the latest delays and route options based on congestion which is ascertained by several cameras and pavement sensors that were recently installed as well. Miles of fiber optic cable connect them to their respective traffic-management centers which allow the controlling agencies to communicate with one another if there needs to be any changes or announcements. This article reflects the improvements made in regards to safety and vehicle transportation in the case of a mega event such as the Super Bowl, thanks to the advancements in digital technology as well as social media where fans of the big game can find out all the information they need in advance such as traffic and parking options. One of the biggest problems solved here is congestion and traffic. The addition of new sensors and numerous traffic management centers connected by fiber optics will allow for important information to be passed onto fans and commuters going to the big game.




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