The fight for your second screen attention – Kevin Blake

This year is set to be another record breaking year as far as viewer numbers for Super Bowl XLIX! Millions of viewers will be tuned in to watch the game on their TV’s, tablets and laptops. These days its already a guarantee that the Super Bowl will be the most watched event of the year, but what’s not so easy to predict is which social network source will win the battle of the second screen. Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are all stacking up for what is sure to be another exciting day. Last year, “More than 50 million people joined the conversation on Facebook during the Super Bowl…,” according to Facebook. So naturally, the next step was to create a place for fans to connect in real time. Facebook believes they have an advantage over other sites because of their targeting capabilities. The network’s algorithms do most of the work for them. The content they post comes directly to users on their News Feeds, where as sites like YouTube, require the user to search for the content they want to see. Twitter on the other hand, has always been a go to place for fans that want to gather for live events like the Super Bowl. The Twitter team recently posted, “Our Super Bowl #SB49 timeline makes it easy to get into the game. With it you can see Super Bowl-related Tweets from players, teams, media members, celebrities, fans and people in your network, plus the live score on gameday.” With many advertisers claiming space on all of these social networks, the battle is on, to see who will win the fight for your second screen attention.


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