For the Super Bowl, an inside look -Andrew Glat

The article that I read gives us an inside look at the Super Bowl and the technology it will be using. At the game, there will be high tech 4k cameras to give us the best possible angles and high definition replays. It is amazing to think about how much we have advanced over the last 10 years.”In 2002, we couldn’t look over Tom Brady’s shoulder as he called a play. Today, we have Skycam and Cablecam, cable-mounted systems that hover over the field and follow the action” Technology advancements have given us the best possible views from the comfort of our homes.

This article also discussed the WiFi at the stadium. Knowing how popular and addicted people are to their smartphones, University of Phoenix Stadium has received huge upgrades to the wifi and the database so everybody can get connected and stay on the network.

Digital technology has also made its way into the game itself. “Meanwhile, digital tech is making its way into the game itself. For years, coaches have used binders full of photos to study the opposing team’s tactics. Now thanks to a $400 million sponsorship with Microsoft Corp., coaches are using the company’s surface tablet to quickly review plays and make on-field adjustments.” This is an example that shows how important and big digital technology has become recently.

I chose this article because it is very interesting to see how much technology has changed over the last 10 years and to get an inside look at the Super Bowl. I can’t even imagine what type of technology will be available in 10 years from now!


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