NFL’s first Super Bowl app is only for those in the stadium on game day- Paul Mickle

The NFL has decided to unveil a new Super Bowl app that will be specific to people in attendance of the Super Bowl. The app will only work inside the walls of University of Phoenix Stadium and is meant to give the fan the at-home experience while still at the big game. With this app, fans at the big game will be able to see all of the Super Bowl commercials shown on TV and instant replays from four different camera angles (zoom and pause capabilities too). Also, fans will have access to the venue’s seating and concession maps. The NFL has also decided to introduce Next Gen Stats, which captures information in real-time from small tracking devices embedded onto player uniforms; these stats will be displayed on in-stadium video boards during the Super Bowl. Both these new technologies are extremely important because they show that the NFL is adapting with the advances in technology. These new creations by the NFL will give fans more content available to them and also give fans a unique to reason to attend football games, instead of just watching at home.



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