Vox Media buys Super Bowl ad for Montana – Andrew Meyer

In what can only be seen as yet another sign that 2015 is the least exciting dystopian future, Vox Media has purchased a Super Bowl ad. Now, because it is 2015, the story leaked when the ad itself leaked online after internal miscommunication meant it launched early. The Ad itself isn’t that spectacular really, it’s simply pitching Vox’s tech focused site, The Verge (people in SMT are likely more familiar with Vox’s sport network, SB Nation, or their video game site Polygon). After the initial reaction that a relatively midsize player in the internet space had gotten an ad subsided, we learned that it was not a national ad, or even an ad that will play in key markets. In fact this ad will play in one market of 30,000 people in Montana and that one market alone. When asked why, Jonathan Hunt, VP of Marketing said that they did it because the ad buy only cost them $700. And in reality with the buzz created from the whole situation, the ad has likely served it’s 700 dollar purpose long before the super bowl



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