Pepsi’s Hyped for Halftime – Laurelle Holley

With the Super Bowl quickly approaching Pepsi is doing everything possible to create buzz around the Super Bowl Halftime Show, which they are the title sponsor of. But Pepsi’s way of getting fans to get excited, is literally by telling them to get “Hyped for Halftime”. For three months now, the Hyped for Halftime campaign has been going on engaging fans through contests and video to get excited for the show. On Pepsi’s YouTube account they have a specific Hyped for Halftime playlist consisting of 17 videos. The most recent video series features Craig Robinson as he’s “Headin’ to Halftime.” The Hyped for Halftime Hype Your Hometown contest encouraged fans to show their excitement to have a Halftime Show in their own hometown and win tickets to the Super Bowl Halftime Show by submitting photos. While these are creative ways to promote the halftime show, the question may be asked if Pepsi is going too far to promote the Halftime Show and if it is really necessary.


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