Super Bowl XLIX Tickets Harder Than Ever to Scam – Zachary Cintron

They days of the good ole ticket switch are long dead. Today’s tickets come with more barcodes and counterfeiting protection than currency (probably not), and for one of the world’s largest sporting events why would they. There is a whole ticketing system called TiqIQ that is solely deals with the security of tickets.

“Each ticket for this year’s game will have two barcodes to scan on the front, one at the top of the ticket and the other at the bottom. Each barcode should line up and have a matching serial code. If the numbers are different from the top and the bottom, it’s a surefire way to know that tickets are fake. Another superficial way to know if a ticket is counterfeit is the raised portion in the center of the ticket, which can be easily felt by running a finger over it. Most fakes are rushed and poorly made copies on lesser-stock paper, and this rather simple feature is often ignored.

More advanced security features include holograms on the front and back, thermochromic ink designs and black light stamps on the back of the ticket. The lower right portion on the front side of a real ticket will feature a holographic Lombardi trophy atop the “XLIX” Roman numerals, while the back of the ticket has a square 3-dimensional hologram of the Roman numerals above a landscape of the rising sun-over-Arizona design.”

Find out more about ticket security in the article here:


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