NBC to offer free online streaming of Super Bowl – Allison Campbell

NBC is providing 11 hours of free Super Bowl coverage online this year. Normally, in order to gain access to network’s content, viewers have to have proof of cable or satellite subscription, but NBC is not requiring that for the Super Bowl. The goal of NBC is to try and attract more viewers, both online and on TV. It is important to point out that NBC is part of Comcast, so essentially Comcast is trying to attract people to buy cable in order to have access to NBC’s content. I selected this article because we just discussed Comcast in class and found this article interesting as it shows another one of Comcast’s tactics to gain subscriptions. By providing free online streaming of the most watched sporting event in America, Comcast is drawing in its target market. Comcast wants to increase the number of visits to NBC’s online site, with hopes that those visitors will not only purchase cable subscriptions form them, but also to watch more shows on NBC. The more viewers means higher ratings, which in turn generates more advertising dollars. I also chose this article because it shows how big online streaming has become in the world of sports. Allowing 11 hours of Super Bowl content to be displayed online for free prevents the NFL from missing a demographic who does not have a cable or satellite subscription. It will be interesting to see how this will effect the ratings for the  XLIX Super Bowl.



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