CDW upgrades tech for Arizona Cardinals, UOP Stadium and Super Bowl- Paul Mickle

CDW, a technology solutions provider based out of Illinois, has teamed up with the Arizona Cardinals in order to properly update University of Phoenix Stadium in preparations for the upcoming Super Bowl. They have specifically been handling all of the Wi-Fi connectivity around the stadium. The goal for the Cardinals is to able to have every square inch of the stadium covered under Wi-Fi leading up to the big game. Also, with the new added Wi-Fi advances from CDW, the Cardinals will also be able to have an additional 8.9 million square feet of parking lots around the stadium covered under the team’s Wi-Fi network. This addition will be completed by the start of next NFL season. This is an extremely feature to add to the stadium because it allows all fans to be engaged on social media networks during the big game. These brand new Wi-Fi networks should allow for instant internet access and really will give fans the full technological experience of being at a Super Bowl. Also, going forward adding Wi-Fi to the surrounding parking lots will also greatly increase fan engagement online because now fans can access social media in even more places.


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