Super Bowl XLIX Stadium Aims to Provide Wi-Fi in Every Row – Maria Paula

“The Arizona Cardinals rolled out a sweeping network upgrade in their stadium just in time for their stint hosting the big game.”

Today, mostly of the people choose to stay at home watching the NFL game better than going to the actual game and not having a good WIFI access on their phones. That’s why those in charge of the facility of the Arizona Cardinals were concerned about what new integration and technological advances must be taken place in order to give the audience the feeling of being at home inside the stadium. The Cardinals have worked  hard so there won’t be any wireless dead zones during the Super Bowl XLIX, which will take a place February 1st.

The way they are giving the audience better access to Wi-Fi more efficiently than other stadiums is that they are making the connection so that every single row can receive their own access to WIFI. Also if people that go to the stadium download the Cardinal app, they will also be able to watch the game from different parts and angles of the stadium and that’s because the Arizona team is putting a lot of cameras around the whole stadium, where the videos will be available directly in the apps  to the audience that will attend the game. With all of these innovations ready for the Super Bowl 2015, people will be more comfortable in the event and they will also have fast access to digital media in the same way they could have a home but actually attending the game.


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