Avid Everywhere Enables NBC Sports to Implement Massive Remote Production Workflow for Super Bowl XLIX- Katie Class

Recently, Avid, the world’s leading provider of audio and video technology, announced that NBC Sports will utilize their fully integrated “Avid MediaCentral Platform” to air Super Bowl XLIX. NBC Sports already uses this technology for coverage of the Olympics, the NHL, NASCAR, Formula 1, English Premier League, and other major sporting events. This allows NBC Sports to increase production by up to 30 percent and aid in remote collaboration. Since the Super Bowl is among the most watched television events in the world, this will be great business for Avid. Additionally, this will benefit NBC Sports by enabling them to produce and share a large amount of content with viewers. Viewers now will be able to watch the Super Bowl live from anywhere and have better coverage of the game.

For Super Bowl XLIX and the use of the “Avid MediaCentral Platform”, NBC Sports is setting up two remote production facilities in Phoenix. One facility at the stadium (University of Phoenix) and a second one at Block 23, a media center in downtown Phoenix. Block 23 will host several NBC Sports Group programming events the week of the big game.

I feel that this article is important for one main reason: it is a huge technological advancement for the Super Bowl. NBC Sports has been using this technology for years, but it has never been used for the Super Bowl by any network. NBC Sports has made the Super Bowl more accessible for fans worldwide.



One thought on “Avid Everywhere Enables NBC Sports to Implement Massive Remote Production Workflow for Super Bowl XLIX- Katie Class”

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    This article goes in depth with social media and its relationship building powers that have made events like the Super Bowl less important for companies. The author interviews EA Sports and BMW executives to ask how they use social media. In particular, they discuss their social media strategy with the Super Bowl in the past, and how they go about fan engagement now. To paraphrase, social media relationships on a day-to-day basis are more important than single day strategies for big events.

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