A Q&A with Arizona Super Bowl Host Committee CEO Jay Parry – Kevin Murray

Despite the fact that this is from October, I haven’t really found anything else about social media usage and the super bowl, so I found it to be really interesting. Just like any major sporting event and venue, the Super Bowl and Arizona must utilize social media in advance, during the event, and after the event to interact with consumers, the media, and fans. This social media presences adds value to sponsorships, partnerships, and communicative channels. Jay Parry, the host committee President and CEO, talks a lot about how they can utilize social media beyond talking about the stadium, football, and the event. She feels that as an event that will be very impactful on the regional community, they must find ways to give benefits to the organizations and individuals that will be impacted by the volume of people and events coming to Arizona in February. Another thing they are doing is having different Facebook and Twitter events for communicating in Spanish; many members of the surrounding region are native to central and south America and speak Spanish as their primary language. This inclusive decision will not harm their primary (English) accounts, but it may bring more viewers and participants from outside the American and English-speaking markets.



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