More Than A Year In Advance, Arizona Already Engaging Fans Through Social Media For Super Bowl XLIX- Jake Moss

Before Super Bowl 48 last year at Met Life Stadium in New Jersey took place, the NFL and the Arizona Host Committee(AHC) were already preparing for Super Bowl 49.  The AHC was not only in New Jersey to learn from the Committee who put on Super Bowl 48 but they were using multiple attractions and events leading up to and including the big game to spread social media awareness for the following year.  During the week of the Super Bowl the AHC tweeted out “New York is amazing, but it’s no Arizona.” #SB48 #SB49 This tweet also included a picture of cactus’s surrounded by snow which both showcases and represents the two host cities. An example of how successful they were in reaching their targeted audience is present in that back in September of 2013 when the AHC launched its social media accounts they had only “400 followers on twitter, by the start of Super Bowl 48 week they had 12,000 and by kickoff they had around 10,000 more.”  Also this year specifically the AHC became the first host committee to have multiple social media accounts in Spanish including Facebook and Twitter.


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