Super Bowl RF: 3,000 Frequencies for 10,000 Radios – Zachary Cintron

If you’ve ever worked an event that uses radio communication you know how cluttered frequencies can be. Now try using 10,000 radios over 3,500 frequencies to run the biggest sporting even in the country. Without precise communication an event can go into chaos mode rather quickly so the NFL needed a plan to keep the frequencies clean.

“The NFL has developed its own database and software to manage frequency coordination at the Super Bowl. It contains both permanent frequency assignments, such as the referees’ intercom, and temporary assignments, such as radio and TV wireless mic and IFB frequencies. Requests for frequencies are submitted by email. A coordinator searches the database for an available frequency. Once a frequency has been assigned, a confirmation email is generated and sent.” (Tom Vernon, Radio World)–frequencies-for–radios/274093


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