Newcastle Brown Ale Calls for Other Brands to Join a Sly Super Bowl Ad Campaign- Nick Herceg

For a second consecutive year Newcastle Brown Ale is bucking the Super Bowl commercial trend. Last year, Newcastle featured actress Anna Kendrick to promote the beer in a viral campaign commercial ( that never aired on Super Bowl Sunday. Instead, Newcastle took to Youtube to promote its brand in the “The Mega Huge Football Ad Newcastle Brown Ale Almost Made.” This year, Newcastle is again promoting itself leading up to the Big Game, but is trying a different approach. Their new ad “Band of Brands” is a calling to thousands of small businesses that cannot afford to purchase advertising airtime during the Super Bowl. Newcastle plans to partner with 20 to 30 companies for an advertisement that plasters all of the company logos on the screen. As a loophole Newcastle bought airtime on dozens of local NBC affiliates during the Super Bowl, instead of on the national broadcast. At the same time Newcastle’s ad will also air online during the game. Through the use of digital media, Newcastle has devised a way to potentially steal from Anheuser-Busch, the NFL’s official beer sponsor, and promote itself to millions of consumers without breaking the bank.


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