Pepsi bets big on augmented reality to fuel 2015 Super Bowl mobile strategy- Paul Mickle

Pepsi has created a new and unique way to engage fans leading up to the 2015 Super Bowl. They have decided to create an augmented reality on Pepsi cans, giving fans the opportunity to take advantage of mobile call-to-action listed on the can. Using Blippar application, fans are now able to download an iPhone or Android app that will allow them to do a number of cool and engaging things leading up to the big game. This app will help bring the can to life and the initial setup opens and shows a locker room built around the can. From there fans have the option to enter for a chance to win tickets to the 2015 Super Bowl,  see what others are saying about the campaign through the hashtag #FanEnough, or even take a picture next to seven different NFL stars, which can be posted on all social media platforms. Overall, this is an extremely cool and new way of engaging fans through technology. This is something that might catch on in the future and I wouldn’t see more companies institute a campaign just like this.




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