What does it take to host America’s largest annual sports party? – Andrew Glat


The article that I read talks about the events leading up to the Super Bowl and how to prepare for it. The planning for the Super Bowl started in the summer. That is when the plans start getting put together and decisions on upgrades are made. The NFL wants to prepare as early as possible since this is such a monumental event. Upgrades were made to the stadium recently based off of their most recent super bowl that they held, in 2008. There was a new scoreboard added in the south side of the stadium, enhanced wifi and fully LED sports lighting. The new scoreboard is a nice touch and the upgraded wifi is very important and almost a necessity in todays times, but I am curious to see how the LED lights play out. I will be paying close attention to the LED lights this year and I hope that there are no mishaps with them. We don’t need another blackout!

Andrew Glat



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