Arizona has been engaging football fans on social media, getting them excited for Super Bowl XLIX since 2013- Ariella Haase

Since the NY/NJ Super Bowl has ended, Arizona has been getting fans ready to experience Super Bowl XLIX. David Rousseau, Chairman of the Arizona Super Bowl Host Committee, and Jay Parry, CEO of the Arizona Super Bowl Host Committee, had made it a point to participate in all sorts of events throughout the 2014 Super Bowl. All of their social media pages were started in September, 2013. When first created, they only had 400 followers across all sites. The week before the 48th Super Bowl, they had over 12,000 followers throughout their websites and added even more after kickoff. I chose this article because of the second to last section. The article speaks about how Arizona has hosted two previous Super Bowls in 1996 and 2008. Back in the 90’s, social media did not exist, and in 2008, social media was not nearly as important to fans as it is today. Arizona sees the importance of social media, especially is this day of age. I thought it was really interesting how they started their social media pages (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Vine) in 2013, anticipating the 49th Super Bowl on February 1st.

More Than A Year In Advance, Arizona Already Engaging Fans Through Social Media For Super Bowl XLIX


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