FoxSports Revamps Sports Channel – Brendan Sobottka buys a new YouTube channel hiring former E! host to lead their new series of quick, 1 minute or less compilation of videos.   I am wondering why Fox chose Nicole Dabeau to lead their @TheBuzzer channel as she is more experienced with celebrity news, but after further “research”, she is really talented and has done work at ActionSports before.

FoxSports is teaming up with YouTube Space LA and within the name, seems to be a company from Los Angeles specializing in creating YouTube hits.  According to, FoxSports’ updates were only receiving 500k likes per post.

After watching a couple videos, I actually liked @TheBuzzer, which attempts to be an unleashed sports broadcast.  The article states they purposely attempt to be “snarky” while releasing quick breaking news stories all day.  After further review, they really are.

Crazy Steve Ballmer –

Johnny Maziel Flips the Bird –

Randy Moss and Brian Urlacher’s new show –

Mo’Ne Davis (relates to my last post) –

Questionable Ending…  –

Hulk Hogan on @TheBuzzer -

Fox Sports Taps YouTube Space LA for Social-Focused @TheBuzzer Web Show


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