NFL Films Catches Up with the Digital Times (Post by Frank Perri)

The article below describes NFL Films’ transition into the digital age. NFL Films will be using only digital video cameras to capture football action this fall. Apparently, they have been preparing for this transition from film to digital videos over the past couple of years. Although there name is “NFL Films,” I did not know they were still using film to capture videos. I always assumed that they changed with the times; however, I was wrong. It will be interesting to see this transition unfold over the next few years and how it may affect the company.



NFL Films Catches Up with the Digital Times

Ed Sabol (NFL Films)

After many years of relying on film, NFL Films will be shooting all regular season and postseason footage with digital video cameras beginning this upcoming season.

The move came after a seven year process in which NFL Films began their conversion to all digital in response to urgency from clients who wanted footage at a faster rate for their own shows.

Shooting all of their footage on digital video will make it easier for videos to be cut, edited and disseminated to shows on different networks that will use them as highlights. The reason being is it will no longer be necessary to transport film shot on game day all over the nation to the NFL Films headquarters in Mount Laurel, New Jersey.

Even though digital video is convenient for many reasons, NFL Films still wants to preserve the cinematic experience that Founder, Ed Sabol, sought. Concerns about finding sufficient amounts of film arose but through technology, that will not be a problem. Storing footage will not be an issue because digital video cards can hold multiple bytes of data at one time and accessing their stored files will be easier than going through thousands of feet of film.

The 100 Million feet of unused film is stored at the NFL Films headquarters and will not go to waste. Future projects will be produced using the stored footage and will be available to view through the NFL Now video service.

Even though NFL Films will be shot in all digital, they will still keep their name.


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