World Cup footage boosts content, viewers for FFA website – (posted by Robert Hicks) Unit 5

World Cup footage boosts content, viewers for FFA website

Tim Cahill has embraced social media, helping publicise football. Photo: AP


Football Federation Australia has enjoyed a large increase in traffic to its website during the World Cup, despite it not having access to live matches.

FFA revamped the official Socceroos website before the official squad announcement on May 14 and in particular put more resources into pushing out video content.

In the period from May 14 to June 24 – when the team’s campaign in Brazil ended with a 3-0 defeat by Spain – 597,107 unique users visited the ­Socceroos website.

That figure was 79 per cent more than at the same time last year.

In the same time, almost 155,000 fans were added to the Socceroos’ social channels, across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Six of the top 20 days for traffic to the FFA network, which includes A-League clubs, were recorded during that time.

The FFA editorial team produced three exclusive videos daily, using the resources that previously would have been used for providing vision to television networks. An FFA spokesman said “the aim was to give fans behind the scenes access to players, including interviews and information packages, as well as footage from training and travel between venues in Brazil.

 “We’ve got a lot of young players and perhaps not a lot is known about them. The players fully embraced it, which helped. It also helped that the oldest player, Tim Cahill, really embraces social media as well.”

A video of Australian players adding their own commentary to footage of Cahill’s spectacular volleyed goal against the Netherlands was broadcast by Brazilian television and by world governing body FIFA.

Between May 14 and June 24, almost 46 per cent of FFA traffic came from mobile devices, 43.27 per cent from DESKTOP computers and 11 per cent from tablets.

With broadcast and digital rights held by SBS in Australia, the FFA could not upload live match content or official pre- and post-match interviews to its website.


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