Bayern Munich Launches U.S. Website to Engage with American Soccer Fans (Post by Frank Perri)

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This article posted below highlights a foreign soccer club, Bayern Munich, trying to capitalize on the new sense of interest in soccer in the United States. The article talks about the club launching a new United States website for its fans in the states. I chose to upload this article because it may offer us a sneak peek into a trend that may soon develop. We very well may see more foreign soccer clubs trying to reach potential fans in the states. If they are successful in tapping into this market, it will only add to the significance of this past World Cup for the United States’ interest in the game of soccer. I wonder how the MLS may be affected by the inclusion of more foreign clubs in the marketplace.


Bayern Munich Launches U.S. Website to Engage with American Soccer Fans

Bayern Munich is looking to increase their popularity in the United States with a US-focused website and tour of games in the States.

The World Cup might be over, but many have been buzzing over the enormous popularity the event had in the United States. Between record viewership numbers and enormous celebrations that took over major cities in the US, it would seem to be the right time to try and capture fans fresh off the rush of the World Cup.

Bayern Munich has already seen this rise in popularity and just one week since the World Cup championship game is looking to capture new United States fans with a brand new US focused website.


FC Bayern Munich is now online in North America at and US fans of the team will now have access to exclusive content tailored specifically to their interests. Fans will also continue to have access to other areas of the FC Bayern digital platform, including club channel

“After the launch of our US online store, this was the next logical step in our internationalization strategy,” explained Jörg Wacker, executive board member responsible for the club’s internationalization strategy. “We are delighted to get closer to our North American fans by providing them with a dedicated website as we continue building our brand and expanding our presence in the US market.”

The new website will feature in-depth coverage of the team as well as other soccer-related content relevant to Americans and the US soccer industry. Additional features will include: a fully responsive site optimized for all mobile devices, a dedicated US online store, geo-location for delivering localized content and a central login for fans across FCB platforms.

“On the heels of record-setting American interest in, and viewership of, the World Cup, it’s the perfect time for us to connect with Bayern’s 15 million fans living here in the States – as well as the other 45+ million soccer fans in the US,” added Rudolf Vidal, managing director of the club’s US operations.

On April 1, 2014, FC Bayern opened its first foreign subsidiary, “FC Bayern Muenchen LLC” in New York, and has been operating with the aim of strengthening the “FC Bayern Munich” brand in the North American market. They also have another attraction that will likely help their impending United States popularity in the form of Julian Green. Green’s commitment to play for the United States over Bayern Munich got a lot of attention and was further enhanced when Green scored a goal against Portugal within minutes of checking into the match.

The website also will come on the heels of FC Bayern’s embarking on its “2014 US Audi Summer Tour” and will travel to New York to play Chivas Guadalajara on July 31 at Red Bull Arena in New Jersey and the MLS All-Stars on August 6 in Portland.

While it remains to be seen how popular soccer will be during non-World Cup times in the United States, established European brands like Bayern Munich will be looking to try and cash in with new revenue streams on the increased interest.


Link to article + video:


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