How Brands Should Use the New Twitter Video Capabilities at the World Cup (Margaux Lourtie)



How Brands Should Use the New Twitter Video Capabilities at the World Cup


Twitter has recently launched a new video feature, a one-click viewing format that allows for content to be shared via a specially developed integrated media player.

This Twitter Video is providing brands with a way to share significantly longer visual content that would otherwise be limited in length if uploaded to platforms such as Vine or Instagram. Twitter is pushing for the experience of their users to become more visual and the feature is a significant step in this direction.


With Twitter Video rolling out for more and more companies, and with the 2014 FIFA World Cup successfully underway, here are some ways in which teams and brands could make the most of Twitter Video during the rest of the tournament:


Daily life in Brazil: Film and share highlights and snippets of the squad’s daily training and activities to provide fans with a behind-the-scenes look at life within the camp.

Game stories: Film game reactions, especially quotes from key players and staff, as well as recording fan reactions from the match so those of us watching at home can get a real feel for the in-stadium experience.

Show off team support: From the stadium to local sports bars, fans could be asked to share their experiences and opinions of their team’s matches. Important moments could be captured, such as reactions to controversial decisions, and then shared with other fans to open a debate.


Show how fans watch the games: Compile shorter videos of fans from Vine or Instagram and showcase how they watch the World Cup while using the brand’s product. Let the fans tell the story.

Highlight products without the ad feel: Focus on portraying products in a more natural way without the typical ad feel. Making innovative videos could easily lead to viral success, higher view counts and better sales figures for products.

Connect the screens: Create a story and tell it using both television and Twitter. Television commercials could broadcast teasers followed by a call to action, encouraging consumers to log onto the brand’s Twitter account to see the rest of the story. An increasing number of people watch television while using Twitter on their laptops or cell phones, which makes it easier for fans to connect and engage instantaneously.

It will be interesting to see how brands and teams will end up using this new tool. This videos will definitely make visual content the new king.

How would you like Twitter to include video content during the World Cup?


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